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Detouring Parental Dreams for My Life: When Jesus Took The Wheel

Jesus Take The Wheel Series

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I prayed for Jesus to take the wheel in a major decision I had to make for my life. I remember the day Mom marched into my room, brandishing pamphlets about engineering degrees like they were golden tickets to a better life. "You'll be an engineer, dear," she declared, eyes glinting with determination.

Now, don't get me wrong. Engineering is fabulous if you're into it. But numbers were my nemesis, circuits were my cryptic foes, and the mere sight of a wrench made me break out in a cold sweat. Yet, here we were, in the classic tale of parental dreams and offspring realities diverging at a crossroad.

"Mom," I tried, "I appreciate the enthusiasm for wrenches and all, but my heart lies elsewhere." She looked at me, eyebrows poised to form a furrow of disapproval. "Elsewhere? What's that supposed to mean? Engineering is a solid career, darling. Think of the stability!"

Ah, stability. That elusive beast that haunted parental dreams and whispered in lectures about how success was a straight path paved with degrees and paychecks. But my heart? It beat to a different drum, a rhythm only I could hear.

See, I had this thing with kids. Not just any kids, mind you. Kids who marched to their own drumbeat, the ones the world sometimes tagged as 'challenged.' To me, they were nothing short of superheroes in tiny capes. Their laughter, their unique view of the world—it was magic. But explaining my passion for these incredible humans to Mom? It was like trying to teach a cat to appreciate the wonders of water. She just didn't get it.

Courage Of A Thousand Superheroes

"Mom," I tried again, summoning the courage of a thousand superheroes, "I want to work with kids who need a little extra love and support. I want to make a difference in their lives."

She blinked, her expression a mix of bewilderment and disbelief. "That's not a career, darling. That's a hobby. You need a real job, a respectable one." Cue the violins of parental expectations playing in the background, while I clung to the life raft of my dreams, drifting in a sea of societal norms.

But then, one fateful day, divine intervention decided to intervene. I'd call it a serendipitous collision with destiny. I stumbled upon an opportunity—a small, shimmering beacon of hope—that spoke to my heart's desire. A local community center needed volunteers to work with children facing various challenges. It was like God caused heaven, my dreams and my destiny to converge with glorious fireworks just for me. I was bursting with excitement.

I dove in headfirst, navigating the sea of alphabet soups and colorful puzzles that made up my new world. And you know what? Those kids? They were the teachers I never knew I needed. They taught me patience, resilience, and a kind of joy that couldn't be measured on any engineering scale.

As I waded deeper into this newfound passion, something miraculous happened. Mom, the high priestess of 'get-an-engineering-degree,' began to notice the light in my eyes whenever I spoke about my work. She'd ask tentative questions, hesitant yet curious, as if tiptoeing into unfamiliar territory. I'd share anecdotes, stories of triumphs and tiny victories, and I watched her heart soften, bit by bit, like clay yielding to the sculptor's touch.

One evening, over a cup of tea that tasted suspiciously like peace offerings, Mom cleared her throat. "Darling," she began, "I've been thinking..."

A Parental Revelation

Ahh, the infamous words that often herald a parental revelation or a complete plot twist in the family saga. "I see how happy you are," she continued, "working with these children. It's not what I envisioned for you, but maybe... just maybe, it's what you're meant to do."

My jaw might have hit the floor harder than a Shakespearean tragedy's final act. Was this the same Mom who once brandished engineering brochures like battle flags? Had she just handed me acknowledged my destined path, my purpose, letting Jesus take the wheel of our relationship and in my life?

And that's how my overbearing, well-intentioned mother, who once championed a career in engineering, took a detour on the road of parental expectations. She didn't just pump the brakes—she threw the whole steering wheel out the window and said, "Go, follow your heart." So, here I am, weaving through life's lanes, not as an engineer but as a tireless advocate for these incredible kids.

And as for Mom? Well, she might not understand every twist and turn of my chosen path, but she supports it with the fervor of a cheerleader at the Super Bowl. As for me, I've learned that sometimes, life's best moments happen when you let "Jesus Take The Wheel."

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*This blog will not be used to debate the existence of God or the power Jesus Christ.

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