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Managerial Miracle: Turning Chaos into Success

Take The Wheel Series

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Hi, I'm Jackie and let me tell you about the time my manager decided to unleash a whirlwind of chaos on a Monday morning. It was like the universe conspired to create the perfect storm of stress. Deadlines were looming over us like vultures, and my manager, bless her heart, threw a curveball by changing the project scope for the umpteenth time.

We were working on an ad campaign for a major company. We are a boutique marketing firm (a nice way to say very small) and this marketing project could finally give us to get into the big leagues. They wanted our help in reviving brand awareness for a product that was slipping in its sales market. There was a time when their product didn't have much competition but now there are several similar products vying to become number one.

My manager was so stressed about this account that she kept wanting what she though was improved changed to the ad. I was teetering on the edge of a stress-induced meltdown. Every fiber of my being screamed to unleash a verbal storm that could rival a hurricane. But then, as if by divine intervention, I remembered the age-old advice: "Let Jesus take the wheel."

I'm not sure where that saying comes from, but I took a deep breath, summoned every ounce of patience I could muster, and decided to let go. I focused on being the epitome of calm in the face of chaos. As I did, something miraculous happened—the seemingly impossible situation started to unravel into manageable fragments.

It worked! I realized in letting Jesus take the wheel, I had become unflustered and focused in the midst of the chaos. I could see my co-workers scrambling around me to try and meet the boss' demands for yet another change before we pitched ad to the powers- to-be. I could see my manager's distress knowing that her requests for change after change maybe have created more problems with the ad than improvements. She was panicking and over-thinking the storyline.

With a newfound sense of peace, I approached my manager, armed not with frustration but with a calm demeanor and well-thought-out suggestions. Lo and behold, my manager surprisingly listened! Wait, what? She was actually listening! To my utter de

light we had a constructive dialogue, and together, we found a compromise that saved the project from impending doom. In the end, I walked away feeling like I had just performed a managerial miracle. I let think I'll let Jesus take the wheel more often!

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*This blog will not be used to debate the existence of God or the power Jesus Christ.

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